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We are a family business based in Newcastle, NSW. Our goal is to help our clients realize their unique and personal visions for their weddings and special events with a holistic approach. There are plenty of caravan bars in the Hunter Valley to chose from, and they are popping up everywhere as people are realising what a beautiful venture it can be, but we believe you deserve more than just providing 'a bar'. We recreate the outdoor space, individual to every event and style down to the very last detail. With 12 years in hospitality and boutique bar management under our belt we know how creative and comprehensive bar work actually is. It is much more than showing up and opening some bottles so your guests can drink, it's creating an atmosphere that will be remembered and bringing a group of such diverse personalities together (much like the local pub)

Our caravan bar comes with provision of ice, glassware, RSA certified staff, styling, florals, lawn games and so much more. Our van is also BYO which means you get to choose what you want to serve and control your budget yet we have used our years of hospitality contacts to curate a list of reputable suppliers to assist with sourcing special items and are never to busy to help with any request.

There's a reason we were awarded the winners trophy for the Brides Choice Awards 2018 & 2019 for the bar category!

When you book us for your wedding you get me (Kayla)!  My beautiful bar is just the tip of the iceberg. I'll be there to make sure you get absolutely everything you deserve. DIY weddings are all the rave these days. You get to decide every detail, have all your favourite vendors, control the budget, do it your way! But who's there to look at everything and say "hmmm I think you missed something' 

Too often I see the little details missed. You shouldn't be the one to worry about whether there are enough bins around the venue (there never are so guests will leave their food rubbish on tables) or who's going to change them, (really, who have you put in charge of emptying bins?), or who's going to light the candles at the reception before guests arrive, what about  deciding how much alcohol to order and what are you going to do with all that leftover stock? Then there's the issue that your band is going to start at 5pm but guests are arriving at 4pm, are they going to mingle in silence for an hour? We take care of all of that, we have speakers for background music if we notice there's an awkward silence before the dj arrives, staff on hand to do a trip to the bottle shop to make sure you're not going to run out of anything. Craving an 8pm red bull but didn't order any? You can be damn sure I'm going to find the nearest servo and get you some red bull!


What do I get when I hire The Roaming Eagle?

  • Delivery of the van a minimum of 5 hours prior to commencement of service, 5 hours setup + service for 5 hours. Extra hours of service can be requested @ $200 per hour. We nearly always drop the van off the day before to eliminate any last minute hiccups and make sure we are well ahead of schedule but drop it off 5 hours before the wedding at the very latest. 

  • Provision of ice and glassware

  • RSA qualified bar staff with over 10 years hospitality and event management experience

  • Ability to offer your guests beer on tap resulting in less waste and rubbish + some very impressed guests 

  • Extensive styling of the bar area included. Rugs, props, wine barrel bar table if requested, lighting, candles, florals and greenery attached to the bar. If there's something you've seen on our social media that you like just let me know and we can incorporate that into your styling. If you require extra items for the entire outdoor area just let me know!

  • Self serve caraffes of fruit infused water at the bar

  • Three lawn games - Giant connect 4, Giant jenga, Finksa, Giant scrabble, Giant dominoes or Croquet. take your pick!

  • Assistance with beverage selection, deciding quantities and menu creation. 

  • Personalised bar menu 

  • Use of our van speakers for background music before your band or DJ start. The pre ceremony is often overlooked and guests arrive to a quiet, non inviting atmosphere. Our outdoor sound system and carefully selected acoustic playlists can be used prior to your ceremony to create a beautiful welcome setting for guests. You want your guests to be in awe from the moment they arrive!

  • Complimentary pre wedding grooming session at Urban Empire Newcastle or East Maitland, includes beer on arrival, haircut, hot towel shave, nostril waxing, ear waxing, eyebrow trimming and facial. Groomsmen can also be booked in for a group booking, the groom is complimentary. 


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