Caravan Bar or DIY / The costs, pros and cons

Published by Kayla from The Roaming Eagle & Boozy Suzie Caravan Bar

I've seen a few posts lately on DIY wedding pages from couples asking for bar advice from other couples. A couple of posts are implying caravan bars are "too expensive" and want advice from other couples of how they navigated the bar on the day.

Firstly, caravan bars are cool as f*ck, so you pay for what you get. Of course they're going to be more expensive than a plastic table with a white tablecloth thrown over top with some glasses sitting on it, it's a damn masterpiece! Not only do we need to cover costs for the day but these babies cost between 20k - 40k to build, and return on investment is a part of the show.

So let's weigh up the pro's and con's of spending a bit extra and having a caravan bar at your wedding.

1. Glassware

If you DIY the bar how