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One of our members, Kayla from The Roaming Eagle, wrote a blog recently about how much work actually goes in to running a caravan bar. We thought it would only be fitting to share it here! Enjoy the read x

As with all wedding suppliers theres a misconception that we work one day a week and get paid thousands, biggest lie! This is a little insight into what a week is like behind the scenes for The Roaming Eagle team, aka Me. There's a lot involved with prepping, planning, keeping the bar maintained and we're not the cheapest caravan bar available, we put in the work and charge accordingly, so here's a little snapshot of our week and how much work we actually do leading up to your wedding!



Contact client for the weekend to have menu items finalised

Confirm start and finish time for this weekends wedding

Contact venue and organise drop off time

Organise drop off schedule with dad (He does the towing for me to help out, this is such a massive help I am so grateful!)

Confirm start and finish times with staff

Site visits

Unpack glassware and styling items from Saturdays wedding, wash glassware.

Order replacements for any glassware breakages (We have these every week, you people are wild!)

Return any hired items to other suppliers, sometimes I hire rugs, cushions, vases etc when I'm bored with my own items!

Emails again 



Receive final drinks list from client, have their bar menu created and sent to be printed

Clean the beer lines and chilling system

Give the Eagle a bath and a bit of a detail

Clean and soak keg couplers

Clean fridges - Our van is full of fridges to make service super easy, but they get extremely grubby during a wedding so they need a good scrub every week 

If it rained at your event we have our electrician Scott McDougall come and do a full check of the van to make sure it hasn't affected our electrical.

Emails & Bookkeeping


I try to have Wednesdays off, and by having the day off I mean I'm not packing/cleaning/orgaining. Of course I do some Emails, bookkeeping & erands, but there's no set plan, today is the day I tackle all the things that haven't gone to plan so far!

We also meet with the Wedding Collective crew the first Wednesday of the Month to talk about our plans, what we're doing as a collective and what we can do to help each other! 


Emails, Invoices, Coffee repeat.

Work on website, blog ideas, research styling inspo for future weddings. You’ll notice no two setups are the same, I work with each couple to make sure we style the bar to match the rest of their reception styling. This includes sourcing new styling items, rugs, vases, props, replacing lost or damaged styling items, planning and sourcing florals for the bar. 

Emails again.


Pack glassware for tomorrows wedding

Visit Newcastle Flower Markets to purchase florals for bar styling

Pack styling items.

Pickup bar menu from the printers

Purchase water, garnishes and mixers. Cut garnishes 

Check the vans tyre pressure  

We nearly always drop the bar off the day before your wedding, I like to be ahead of time and make sure nothing is going to pop up last minute so if we have the bar in place the day before my mind (and yours) is at ease!Deliver the Eagle to the venue, get her in the perfect spot. This is a nightmare. The Roaming Eagle weighs just under 2.5 tonne and there's usually not a lot of room to turn or manoeuvre a car AND a caravan at the wedding venue so we take the van off and push it into place to get it perfect! 


Purchase ice

Arrive at venue

Hook van up to power and get the fridges cooling

Unpack and polish hundreds of pieces of glassware 

Setup lawn games

Setup timber bar or extra furniture

Setup van styling – Florals, rugs, vases, candles, bar cart, 

Stock van with alcohol

Cut garnishes

Fill ice wells

Hook kegs up (Imagine a 5 foot, 55 kilogram me lifting a 73 kilo kegs into the bar.... Back = Ruined!)

30 minutes to take photos of setup, tag vendors involved

Bar service for the night 


Morning Emails

Upload photos of the van from yesterday ,tag vendors involved

Bookkeeping - Send quotes out, allocate deposits received, enter receipts and invoices, pay bills.

Packdown from Saturdays wedding, my dad helps me a lot with pickups and drop offs so depending on his schedule we sometimes leave the pick up until Mondays!

Start to plan bar styling for next weeks wedding 

On top of all this there are things every single day that pop up or go wrong and have to be redone or moved to another day. For example I've picked the bar menu up twice already this week only to find the first time they gave me the wrong printing and I didn't see until I got home, the second time the printer had messed up and put a line through the menu so I've put in for it to be printed AGAIN and I'll go back to office works on Saturday to pick it up!

So when you receive your quote and think WTF, you're only working for 5 hours! I'm actually working all week, the 5 hours I'm serving at your wedding is the home stretch where the fun actually begins! This is applicable for all your suppliers! Your photographer is scoping locations for your photos, your DJ is planning your set list and music, your florist is buying and prepping your flowers, your caterer has a team of staff in a kitchen prepping your food all week. If you've received a quote that is amazingly cheap, question what you're actually getting for that price and remember cheaper isn't always best, that just means there's not a lot of work that goes into that service!

We've also just expanded our fleet with our new bae Boozy Suzie so times all these jobs by two and you've got one tired lady, be nice to me!

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