5 reasons why you need a caravan bar at your wedding!

Ok so you're getting married, you've been to tonnes of weddings and decided what you do and don't want for your own wedding, but how are you going to make sure yours is the one people remember?

We spend all this money on weddings to make sure it's a day to remember, but what's setting your wedding apart from the ten others your guests will attend this year? I'll tell you what... A caravan bar!

Each wedding you go to is generally the same, some people are brave enough to do something different but generally most people stick to what's traditional. Well it's time to shake things up and do something new! Caravan bars are a great way to impress your guests and create a talking point. Working in a caravan bar every weekend we see first hand how impressed guests are when they arrive to see us there to serve. They're usually in awe! Here at The Caravan Bar Collective, we could come up with a thousand reasons why you need a caravan bar at your wedding, but it's Saturday and we don't want to bore you with too much reading so we narrowed it down to five!

1. Booze, fun, booze! We're not lying when we say one of the thing your guests are most excited about when attending a wedding is free booze, to put it nicely. The drinks are such an important part of the reception, and it should be done well. Gone are the days where you sit at a table for 5 hours and have a glass of wine poured for you. Weddings are fun these days, people basically want to get drunk and have a good time. Nothing says drunk and fun more than a caravan bar.<